Simba’s adventurous night out…


One evening several weeks ago, a couple in Maidenbower went out for their daily evening walk.  When they reached Oriel High School, a very attractive and friendly grey and white cat with a beautiful white vertical stripe on her forehead appeared and ran over to them to say hello.  Although they regularly walked this route, they had never seen this sweet little cat before.  They gave her a little stroke and then continued on their way.

When they glanced back they saw that the little cat was following them…

Not wanting to be left behind, the little cat trotted after the two friendly humans.  They tried to shoo her away, telling her to go home.  Not to be deterred, she followed her new-found friends doggedly for more than a mile.

She then tried to get into their house…

When the little cat tried to get into their lovely warm house they realised that she was lost and it was unlikely she would find her way home.   Even though it was 9:30 pm on a Friday evening, they couldn’t just leave her outside, and so decided to ring their neighbours, who they knew volunteered for Felines 1st. Fortunately Felines 1st had an empty pen, so she was safely cared for overnight.

What happened next?

Luckily this beautiful little cat was microchipped.  The next morning the Microchip company confirmed that the little cat’s name was Simba and that she had been reported missing.  It was a happy reunion later that day when Simba’s grateful owners were able to collect her from Felines 1st and take her home.

This story highlights the importance of not only microchipping your pet, but also of keeping your contact details updated.  Perhaps this was not quite the adventure that Simba was anticipating when she wandered away from home, but we are pleased for her that it had a happy ending.

June is microchip awareness month

Now is a good time to check that your pet is microchipped and that your details are up to date with the microchip company.  This may save you a lot of heartache if your beloved pet goes missing.  Don’t delay – check this today!

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