On the 18th of March 2022, the time approaching 1.00 am, the place: a cold, ...read more
Here are two very different stories about indoor cats.  What links them is not only ...read more
We are very pleased to announce that Felines 1st has been accepted as a member ...read more
Before you welcome your furry companion into your home, there are a number of items ...read more
Beautiful long-haired black and white cat Lola was reunited with her overjoyed family and sister ...read more
On the 29th of February 2020, on a very cold, and rather wet and blustery ...read more
Oscar, a beautiful ginger cat, mysteriously went missing from his home in Northgate in February.  ...read more
Today is a special day for Felines 1st!  George, the 100th cat to be rehomed ...read more
Many cats have a very hard life on the streets, especially homeless unneutered male cats.  ...read more
Lockdown closed many buildings over the last few months.  Taylor Pitstop on the Balcombe Road ...read more

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