A happy ending for three kittens in care over Christmas

three kittens

One cold, wintery night in November…

Noel, Angel, Robin and Holly, four 4-week old kittens, were brought to the vet for urgent treatment – they were riddled with fleas, underweight, and had severe diarrhoea because they had been weaned onto solid food too early.  Unfortunately, their sibling had already died before they could see the vet.


Was there room at the inn?

Felines 1st’s volunteer welfare officer confirmed there was space to take them in.  One of our experienced fosterers took over caring for them after they had been treated at the vet.  They were fed special cat milk for a short while, and then solid food was gradually reintroduced.

The fosterer tried common brands of kitten food, but the diarrhoea persisted, and so the vet recommended that they were fed specialist food to settle their diarrhoea and enable them to put on weight. Sadly, the most underweight kitten, Holly, despite best our best efforts, was unable to recover, and passed away soon after coming into care.


A gradual recovery…

The remaining three kittens all started putting on weight on their new diet, and the diarrhoea disappeared.  After several weeks, when they were healthy, another common brand of kitten food was very gradually introduced, so that they were no longer on the specialist food.


And a happy ending…

At 16 weeks old they were well enough to be neutered and vaccinated.  Noel, Robin and Angel have subsequently all been adopted into suitable, loving homes.



We are grateful to ADCH and the Mars Food Fund Programme for the grant that enabled us to save and care for these rescued kittens.

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