Cats are family, and new owners generally bring a cat into their lives with the intention of providing them with a forever home. However, we all know life doesn’t always go to plan. A change of circumstances can lead to owners not being able to properly care for or house their cat.

It is estimated that 1.2 million cats enter UK rescues each year (RSPCA).

Reasons you might be thinking about giving up your cat

There are many reasons an owner may need to give up their cat.

  • Moving
  • Landlord issues
  • Allergies
  • Cost of veterinary care
  • Too many animals to care for
  • Inadequate home
  • No time
  • Illness
  • Behavioral issues

Any of these would be a very difficult decision to make.

What to do if you do need to give up your cat?

Before considering rehoming, its best to find out whether there is anyone that can help you with things like temporary housing, help with bills, behavioural issues. This could be a friend, a charity, local rescue or experts etc.

If you have exhausted all avenues and you still need to give up your cat, we can discuss your circumstances you with no judgement & help your cat find a loving furever home.  We will settle them in with one of our foster carers, get to know them & do everything we possibly can to find them a home.

To start the rehoming process, please contact us by email at

Please be aware that Felines 1st is comprised entirely of volunteers who give their time to the Charity; we may not be able to immediately respond to you. We aim to respond to messages within 5 working days. Thank you for your patience and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.