We really appreciate hearing from owners how their new furry felines are settling in to their new homes.  Here are some updates of cats that have been adopted from Felines 1st.

Jeeves has come a long way since he was rescued in June from living rough and fighting with other cats
Poppi has settled into her new home ever so well.  Initially she was a little nervous exploring, staying mostly upstairs
Such a lovely update from Holly's owner: "Just thought I'd let you know that Holly is perfectly at home -
Gorgeous Ref just loves company, following his owner around the house and chattering away at her and any visiting cats.
Handsome little Dorito visited the vet a couple of days ago to get neutered.  He was a good boy, has
Gatsby and Leo
Brothers Gatsby and Leo are celebrating their 1st birthday today.  They have come a long way since they were rescued
Morris & Socks
It's a couple of months since Morris and Socks were rehomed.  They are both going outside now and loving it,
Here is a lovely update on Noel: "Noel has settled in well at his new home so far.  He enjoys
Garfield is settling in well, he's enjoying cuddles on the sofa and playing with the laser light. He's been spending
Rose and Alan
Alan and Rose (now Oscar and Emmy) have settled well into their new home, and the pictures say it all!