We really appreciate hearing from owners how their new furry felines are settling in to their new homes.  Here are updates of cats that have been adopted from Felines 1st.

Luna’s enjoying a good play and settling quite fast. Friends with the dinosaur already She ...read more
He has settled in really well.  We have been taking him outside twice a day ...read more
Tilly has settled in amazingly as you can see.  She has made friends with her ...read more
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We have had Abra for over a year now and he has settled in really ...read more
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Smudge is doing well in his new home and although shy at first after less ...read more
Mercury is settling in very well. He loves to wander around the house and chill ...read more
We are so pleased that the introduction of Prudence (formerly Amelia) to her new playmate, ...read more
We are pleased to hear that Amelia is settling in well to her new home: ...read more