We are looking for volunteers

As a new and fast growing charity, we are urgently looking for a range of volunteers. You may have some extra time and looking to make a difference to the lives of our feline friends, some of whom have fallen on hard times and need our help.

There are currently three main types of volunteer that we are looking for:



If you have a garden with space for a cat pen, you may be interested in outdoor fostering. Alternatively if you do not have pets of your own, you may want to foster indoors. Both types of fostering are very rewarding, and currently needed.


Home checkers:

You may be willing to do home visits to potential adopters to see if the home is suitable, and to potentially advise how to make a home cat-friendly. Also we need people who are willing to do follow-up checks around 6 weeks after a cat has been rehomed.


Fund raisers:

Perhaps you have skills or experience in fund-raising, or you may be interested in helping out at car-boot sales. Whatever form it takes, raising funds is pivotal to the welfare of all of our cats.


If none of the above are what you are looking for, it is still worth talking to us to see what other help is needed. Please either complete the form below or contact us on supporters@felines1st.org