The Orphans of Oman

the orphans of Oman

Carew and Doozer are on their way to the UK from Oman. Both are estimated to be around 3 years old, each have their own miracle story of survival against the odds and will be looking for their forever home together in the UK.

The Past

In a kitchen in Muscat, Oman, a man cooks, his kitchen door open. A big kerfuffle erupts outside and the next thing he knew, a tiny streak of fluff ran across the kitchen floor. The outdoor cats objected to a new mouth arriving and set upon it. The man managed to catch the tiny ball of fur and found it to be in a pitiful state, so tiny it could fit into the palm of his hand. The man and his wife took the kitten to the vet with hope in their heart but the experience to prepare for the reality of at least providing it a dignified end. The vet confirmed that the tiny male kitten had a terrible cold and was severely dehydrated and malnourished; its future was bleak. Two days later, however, the kitten had begun to respond to treatment and returned to the home of the man and his wife, where he was fed, loved, and cared for. Before long he had bounced back from the brink of death to become an almost typical kitten named Carew after the hero of J. Milton Hayes’s poem “The green eye of the little yellow God”.

It was during one of Carew’s routine vet check-ups that Carew’s human parents became aware of Doozer and fell in love with the charming sweetheart. Little is known about Doozer’s start in life; however, she had proven to the vets that she was super tough and determined to beat the odds, after she literally fell from the engine bay of a car that had very luckily been driven to the vets. She lost an eye in the accident, broke her front collar bone and had to have half of her tail amputated.

The Present

The man (a British national) and his wife (a Danish national) lived happily in Oman until a turn in their life meant they had to leave Oman, with extensive travelling becoming routine.  Knowing that Oman has serious issues in relation to the stray cat population (so bad they are referred to as “string cats” as a result of them being thinner than a piece of string), the man and his wife reached out to the UK and gained support from Felines 1st. In order for the cats to come to the UK they must meet DEFRA’s import requirements, so are currently still in quarantine in Oman in at a vet facility with the view of arriving in the UK in December 2023.

The Future

Although Doozer carries the physical scars of her past, she is Carew’s “support cat” and he looks to her to see what is safe and OK; he relies on her for guidance. If Doozer says it’s OK, Carew will then be along close behind to try it out. They are inseparable – they  will wash each other, and occasionally sleep snuggled up together, totally reliant on each other and a perfectly complimentary team. During playtime Carew loves to chase a ball or a toy on a string; in comparison, Doozer will watch and wait before executing her ambush.

Carew is more enthusiastic than skilful, but what he lacks in skill, he makes up for in speed. Whereas Doozer is inquisitive and very smart, what she lacks in speed she more than makes up for with intelligence. Both are chatty and friendly; however, also very timid with the requirement for an indoor lifestyle.

Doozer has a passion for laying in the sun whilst having her coat brushed and Carew has a love/hate relationship with bags and a compulsion with boxes. Like most cats they both enjoy unlimited sleep.

Could you be the final chapter to the Orphans of Oman and give them the happy ending they deserve? Complete our online rehoming application form now to be considered or get in touch if you have some spare time to help us support other cats in need.


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