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Mum Misty rescued just in time…

Heavily pregnant Misty was a stray rescued off the streets near the hospital in West Green by our dedicated volunteers, only a couple of days before she gave birth. One of our experienced fosterers, who looks after most of our pregnant cats and kittens, kept a watchful eye over Misty during the birth to ensure that she did not get into difficulty.  This, inevitably, meant an all-nighter, as she went into labour in the early evening.  Fortunately everything went well, and Misty became the proud Mum of two beautiful black and white kittens.

Poor rejected JJ – a 3-day old kitten…

Meanwhile at another site in Lingfield, a 3-day old kitten, named JJ, was rescued after being abandoned by his mother. Being a first time Mum is hard, particularly when you’re merely a kitten yourself.  Females can become pregnant at 4 months old, which is dangerous for both the young Mum and resulting kittens.  Sometimes these inexperienced youngsters reject their kittens. Usually the only way to keep such tiny kittens alive is to bottle feed them… every two hours.

Would Misty become a foster Mum?

Wondering whether Misty would accept a third kitten into her litter, our fosterer took JJ home, and very carefully let Misty sniff him through the cage. She showed no aggression, and so JJ was placed carefully into the cage next to the other two kittens, one of which was feeding.  JJ crawled towards Mum’s tummy, and hungrily latched onto a teat to drink. It was a tense few seconds of waiting to see how Mum would react… but Misty extended a protective paw around JJ, accepting him as one of her own…

More work to still be done…

Another heavily pregnant and very skinny stray cat, not even 6 months old herself, has also been rescued from the Lingfield site and is now safely in the care of Felines 1st. Macy, as we have named her, is receiving lots of love and care and plenty of kitten food to build her up strength and stamina before she gives birth. Thank goodness she is now safely indoors in the care of Felines 1st and won’t have to face giving birth alone and outside.

We continue to return to the Lingfield site, as we still need to rescue JJ’s Mum and help her too.  When we catch her, she will receive a thorough health check at the vet, and will be spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and flea-treated, before being carefully matched with the right owner to ensure that she finds her forever home.

28/08/2020 – A lovely update on JJ from his new owners:

Update on JJ

Above: Picture of 3-day old JJ rescued from Lingfield.

Below: Video of Supermum Misty with JJ and her two kittens. JJ is bigger, being a few days older than Misty’s biological kittens.


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