Shadow has been rehomed with Doris!


Shadow is a beautiful young female brindle tortie looking for a home with her friend Doris. They are best friends and are inseparable so need to be rehomed as a pair.

9 thoughts on “Shadow has been rehomed with Doris!

  1. Stephanie says:

    My partner and I are able to offer Shadow and Dorris.
    We live in Shirley, have a large home and garden that’s backs onto a large park so plenty of room to snuggle and explore.
    Hopefully we hear back from you soon.

    1. Web Admin
      Web Admin says:

      Hi Stephanie, thanks for your message and interest in Shadow and Doris. Please complete a homing application form – the link can be found on our rehoming page, underneath the photos of the cats, under the heading “How to adopt a rescue kitten/cat – Step 1”. Our volunteer homing officer will be in touch as soon as possible – please be patient – we have received a large number of applications recently and are slowly working our way through them. Thank you.

  2. Naomi Sutton says:

    We would love to offer Shadow and Doris a home. We have a good sized house and garden, and a cat flap already in place. I’ve recently completed an application form, so hopefully hear if you think we’re suitable. Naomi xx

    1. Web Admin
      Web Admin says:

      Hi Naomi, thank you, we have received your homing form. I’ve flagged your request with our volunteer homing officer. Most (if not all) of the cats we have right now are not suitable for a home with young children; however, I have asked that you are contacted if we do have any cats that would be a good fit.

  3. Catriona Gannaway says:

    I would be interested in adopting Shadow and Doris, have already completed the form. Are they still available?

    1. Web Admin
      Web Admin says:

      Hi Catriona, thanks for your interest in Shadow and Doris. They are still available. We have received your homing application. I have asked our volunteer homing officer to get in touch with you.

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