Doris is a lovely young tabby and white cat looking for a home with her friend Shadow. They are best friends and are inseparable so need to be rehomed as a pair.

2 thoughts on “Doris

  1. Martin Farrelly says:


    Doris & Shadow…

    I’ll probably fail the criteria due to location, as am in Streatham SW166DA.
    I moved here from Banstead. Presently I work in Epsom. Last year I separated. We had a pair of cats in the family home. I have space where I am… a three bed house. The garden is fine. Presently I’ve no cat, therefore no cat flap. There is a rail line beyond the rear garden. There are other cats locally who come to visit from neighbours into my garden . They are not foolish. They don’t play with the trains. It is not a rural location. At a point I will move back to Surrey. Okay, that’s my interest declared & I understand if my postcode is an issue. Thank for your consideration.

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