No 8 – I’m dreaming of a quiet Christmas…

Greetings to you all out there in internet land!

It has been a while since we last spoke I know, and the time has just flown by, hasn’t it? And frankly there are only so many hours in the day for a cat to fit in sleeping, eating, a light stretch or two, some more sleeping, the odd ‘manic’ moment of high activity, more sleeping and before you know it, its nearly the end of 2021!!

Goodness, when I think about it like that, I have been busy!

Anyway, I hope you have all been keeping well, and safe, despite the best attempts of the pesky virus doing its best to spoil matters. I also hope your humans have been keeping well too.

Lets face it chaps, they have had a pretty hard time with things over the last year or so. So over this Festive season why not give them some extra love and attention, and show them that at least for a few days of the year, we really care, dear Feline friends?

An extra rub against them, more lap time, an extra long session of pudden’in (though try to avoid using the ‘ol claws and pulling threads too much, for some reason they don’t seem to appreciate the more ‘relaxed’ appearance)…

Funny though, I thought that making things look ‘distressed’ was a fashionable thing. Looking at my male human first thing in the morning means I must have one of the most ‘fashionable’ ones around. Although curiously my female human doesn’t seem to feel the same way!!

Oh, and here’s an idea that wont take too much effort, maybe show some more appreciation when it comes to feeding time? Treat them to your cutest mew, your most appealing look and even if the offering may not be your usual type or preferred brand, do try and proceed to (at least outwardly) enjoy what has been put in front of you. We must all try to do our bit and waste not, want not!

After all, there are many unfortunately stray brethren, who would be most appreciative of your leftovers, so do your best with what you have! Of course, if that is the case and your favourite brand hasn’t been forthcoming, it gives you more leverage later when you request a tit bit or three from their repast.

Showing you care and you (sometimes) appreciate the service they provide, I can guarantee will make a real difference in their day. They will be far less likely to complain when clearing up the odd fur ball, the dismembered ‘gift’ from the great outdoors or trying to move some of the deposited hair from absolutely everything in the home.

Or when somebody accidentally orders 240 mince pies, that definitely wasn’t my fault. I don’t think I can be blamed for the laptop being left open, online to a supermarket website and to be directly in the shortest route to ones favourite chair!

I am certain with that amount of processed fruit in the household over the coming festive season (and of course all the other excesses our humans seem to inflict on themselves during this period), that, at least in my household, they will appreciate the further 360 toilet rolls I might have ‘pawed’ in when the laptop was open. I can hardly wait to see the looks on their little faces when that lot turns up! I mean after all, it is the time for giving, isn’t it?!

Let me finish by wishing you all a peaceful, safe, merry Christmas and best wishes for 2022.

Happy Purring ’til next time!


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