Monty’s misadventure


A new hotel resident cat at Holiday Inn Gatwick Worth…

Recently some staff members at Holiday Inn Gatwick Worth noticed a new guest staying at the hotel all week. Being a very friendly tabby cat he was of course very welcome, but the kind staff realised that he probably belonged to someone.  On Monday they decided to put a post on Facebook asking whether anyone recognised this friendly feline. No-one immediately came forward to say that they recognised the cat, but Felines 1st  contacted the hotel to see if they could help.

Felines 1st to the rescue…

As with all rescues, the first thing to do is to scan the cat for a microchip.  Luckily this friendly boy did have a microchip, and our rescue team was able to check the national database.  We then found out that the cat was a six year old male called Monty and that he had been missing from his home in Broadfield.

How did Monty get to the other side of town?

How he managed to make his way from Broadfield to Worth we will probably never know, but it is likely that he got into a car or van, and then escaped when the vehicle next stopped. Cats are naturally inquisitive, and the driver of the vehicle was probably completely unaware that a stowaway had crept on board.

The importance of microchipping your cat…

Often when a cat goes missing, it is within the local area, and so putting up missing notices and informing local vets can result in successful reuniting of the pet with the owner. However, not so in Monty’s case.  This highlights how important it is to microchip your pet and keep your contact details up to date with the microchip company.  If Monty’s owners hadn’t done this, he would likely still be missing.

Another happy ending…

We are pleased to say that the cat has checked out of the hotel and returned to a very grateful owner.

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