Kittens rescued in the nick of time!

How it happened…

During the past week some workers came across a dead feral cat near Rusper. While trying to work out what had happened, and wondering what to do about it, they heard some tiny meeows. After investigating,  they found two little kittens nearby! They quickly realised that the dead cat was their mother, and that these kittens now had no way of being able to feed themselves. Fortunately they took immediate action to rescue them and rushed them off to the local vet. The vet subsequently contacted Felines 1st and these rescued kittens are now in our care.

Now in rescue…

One of our Felines 1st volunteers is dedicated to taking care of them, which amongst other things, means feeding them every two hours day and night. This is challenging enough in the day, but it also means setting the alarm for every two hours throughout the night! Although she now only manages to snatch short spells of sleep, she is delighted to be able to act as the surrogate mother for these two young lives. These rescued kittens are now doing well, and gaining weight daily. As soon as they are old enough they will be available for adoption and will be able to start their lives in loving homes. Please watch our Rehome page on our website to see when they become available.

It could have ended very differently…

Kittens of this age need regular feeding as frequently as every two hours. Had these men not taken swift action and rescued these kittens, it is very likely that these kittens would not have survived even for 24 hours. Thanks to the vigilance of these kind members of the public, these cute little kittens, called Sandy and Dusty, now have a good chance of living full and happy lives.

Posted: 15/9/2019

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