Update on Stitch (now Hark Mao)

Hark Mao

Stitch was a young cat that was very friendly & inquisitive. He was rehomed at the end of last year. We are very happy to see he has settled in very well!

“We are happy to report that Stitch has settled in very well.  We have renamed him HARK MAO (Black Cat in Chinese).  Hark Mao is eating well, preferring dry food but eats wet food when he runs out of dry.  He prefers to drink water directly from a dripping tap rather than from his bowl.

Hark Mao is no lap cat, but he likes to know what the humans are doing all the time.  He doesn’t sleep on our bed, but he is on an armchair not far away. Hark Mao is a tree dweller, he loves being high up.   His favourite spot is the top of the cat tree.  The photo is of him perched five feet above the ground.

Thank you SO MUCH, for letting Hark Mao into our lives”

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