Update on Leo

My goodness, that cute little kitten Leo that we rehomed at the beginning of July has grown into the most handsome young lad!
“Leo has settled in very well, he very quickly made himself at home and seems very relaxed. He is an absolutely gorgeous cat, playful, inquisitive but also so gentle and affectionate. He’s been up to all the usual kitten mischief and loves to get involved with anything and everything! His favourite past time by far is staring at / bothering big sister Bella! He has been besotted since the day he set eyes on her. She tolerates him but isn’t as keen when he jumps up to her to play, chases her tail or eats her biscuits (understandable) – she gives him a little growl and he responds with a little trilling sound and shows her his belly! ☺️
He has grown lots and the vets were very happy that he was a healthy and happy cat when we went for his vaccination! I’ve attached a few photos!”

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