Update on Doris and Shadow (now Julia and Cleo)

Doris and Shadow
What a wonderful update from Cleo and Julia’s owners:
Both Cleo (formerly Shadow) and Julia (formerly Doris) are getting on well.
Cleo loves to chase ‘fishing rod’ toys and will run across the house at the sound of the bells.  Julia will come running at the sound of a treats packet rustling!  Julia’s hunting skills may give the local bird population a sigh of relief.
They have a cozy corner on our top landing with boxes, beds and a homemade cat tree, where they love to sit in the afternoon sun to nap.  Both are inquisitive climbers, especially Cleo, who seems to be able to balance on the thinnest of ledges.  Julia loves to be brushed (good thing she does considering her long hair), Cleo however loves to chew the brush!
Both are getting more confident every day and Cleo is even close to settling down on my lap, Julia is slightly behind on that front and is most comfortable in their safe area.
Thanks again for all!

2 thoughts on “Update on Doris and Shadow (now Julia and Cleo)

  1. Uzma says:

    I’ve just discovered that Shadow (Cleo) & Oreo (Julia) have been adopted. Oreo was wrongly named as Doris! They are both sisters along with Doris ( listed as Oreo), Fatima & Muttley (big brother). The mother is Baby who was brought to me as a rescue kitten (approx 6 wks) ,on a cold rainy March 2018 night. As we already had a cat (Rani – snobby & spoilt from my mother). We thought it’d be best to give the kitten up 🐱. The tiny mite won our hearts with her strength to survive & ended up staying & being the baby of our family – hence her name. All her kittens have the most amazing personalities. Cleo was a total daddy’s girl, grooming his beard & cleaning his face & ears, yuk! She had a very quite purr, I hope it’s got louder. Julia was a mummy’s girl & liked to lay upside down & purred whenever she heard her name. She also loved her treats( no wonder she comes running. Bionic hearing, lol), as well as biscuits dipped in tea. Grooming the others was also a favourite pastime! At the end of the night they loved sleeping on our bed in the crook of my knees. Cleo cuddled daddy then moved over to me in the night, lol, secret love for mummy. Thank you so much to Feline 1st for helping us & you for taking on the two girls. xxx

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