Update on Carrie (now Lillie)


We are delighted to receive this update from Lillie’s new owner:

“Just thought I would update you on Lillie’s progress since I collected her last Friday.  As you said she is an extremely affectionate cat who has thrived here.  As soon as I opened the cat carrier she came strolling out and had a wander round the kitchen then went and sat under the kitchen table.  I spent a while sat on the kitchen floor encouraging her to come out and see me, she eventually did and we had cuddles and head rubs.  She is so very friendly and was settled within 24 hours.  She enjoyed curling up on my lap and has grown in confidence.  She wasn’t even phased when I introduced her to my boys (17 and 14) she was very happy get cuddles from them.  She is an absolute joy and am so glad I was able to give her a forever home.”

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