The Duke has been rehomed!

The Duke

Duke was originally called The Duchess (from Disney’s the Aristocats) because of the way he would wind his very fluffy tail around his friend Derek’s tail. On closer inspection, it became apparent The Duchess was in fact The Duke!

He is an exceptionally pretty cat; everyone who sees him remarks on this. He is also incredibly affectionate – he continually nudges and purrs and enjoys lounging around on your knee. He is long haired, keeps himself immaculately groomed; but is equally happy being brushed, even on
his belly.

He has no experience with children, but he is very happy being handled and we’ve never witnessed him strike out aggressively.

He has experience of outdoors and seems placid when around other cats. In typically Greek style, he idles his days away on a neighbour’s patio sofa with a cabal of furry friends. The only thing missing is a pot of Greek coffee!

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