No 6 – The Art of Keeping Your Tail Up!

Cat with tail up

Greetings, all four legged friends – okay, and all you lesser legged ones, too!

Lockdown (take two)…

I hope you have all been keeping well, and in these (once again) strange times, aka “our Humans are hanging around the house all day”!  I also hope that you have been making the most of the extra home time, in true and purest cat style, by doing -absolutely nothing!

Seriously though, whilst it has been business as usual for our good selves: eat, sleep, wash, play a bit, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep a bit more (then repeat every few hours)… myself and some of our colleagues have noticed that you,  our Humans, have been sometimes a little, well, higher strung than usual…

No, no, I don’t mean that in a particularly critical way, after all, you like to have your routines – which is good – especially when it comes to (our) mealtimes,  and of course the reliable way you left the house in the morning, allowing us to get a little bit of p&q and the best choice of seating.

Blame it on the dog…

Its just that, well, sometimes you seem to get a little bit more ‘snippy’, with the other Humans and a tad anxious about going outside, after indulging in a new game of ‘find the mask’  and worrying whether there is enough ‘bog roll’ hidden under the bed…  Dear Feline reader, if you have been under your Humans bed and shredded them for amusement or exercise, I think you should keep it to yourself, or preferably blame the Dog if one is at hand – they do, after all, have their uses…

It probably doesn’t help having what, I think, is called a ‘tee-vee’ or the ‘ray dee oh’ on a lot of the time… what’s being shown or heard doesn’t, well exactly, cheer them up – especially when the ‘knee oohs’ comes on.

The cat way is vastly superior…

But strangely they do like to watch or hear it – a lot, saying it’s ‘good to be informed’… even though it apparently adds to their stressful state…!  Ohhh kaaay – but I think the cat way is vastly superior – we know exactly what is going on, but we just don’t care and certainly, if we do, we never show it. Because we Cats believe and know, that something to our advantage will always turn up.

Please, on behalf of myself and all my Feline friends and colleagues – we want to let all our Humans know that, we are here for you (mostly) we understand (a bit) how upsetting a disturbed routine can be – (just remember that, next time our dinner is delayed, we are feeling your pain) and no matter what happens, it will always, always feel and seem better in your favourite settling place, with a favourite beverage and, of course, with a cat sat in your lap.

So fellow Felines, do your duty and get sat on a lap… ASAP!

Happy purring ’til next time, and stay safe,


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