Rajah (coming soon)


Beautiful Rajah will be looking for a home with one of her siblings: Bagheera, Felix or Nala.

4 thoughts on “Rajah (coming soon)

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi there, we are looking for 2 kittens or cats. under a year old.

    How old are these cats and which one does Rajah get on well with please?

    1. Web Admin
      Web Admin says:

      Hi Daniel, Rajah and her siblings are a year old. We are not yet sure which of her siblings she gets on best with, once we have found this out we will make this information available on the website.

    1. Web Admin
      Web Admin says:

      Hi Lisa, thanks for your interest in Rajah. I can’t seem to find a homing application form for you. Did you complete one? If you did, please forward this to website@felines1st.org

      If you haven’t yet indicated your interest, please do so by completing a homing application form – the link can be found on our rehoming page, underneath the photos of the cats, under the heading “How to adopt a rescue kitten/cat – Step 1”. Our volunteer homing officer will be in touch with you soon.

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