Tribute to Oggy

Dear best friend,

What can I say about you that’ll paint a picture in people’s minds of everything they deserve to know about you.

You were my best friend the moment you came home from the vets and we knew you had a long road ahead of you but there was still a chance. You were ill, you see, and as a team we managed to get you and your sister to the vets so they could save you when you were tiny.

Each year that went past after that I saw your personality grow along with my own, you made me see compassion in times I felt there wasn’t any, you loved me as much as I loved you everyday you could; even on your last day.

I found it hard growing up with the hatred in the world and those who would use it against me because of my differences; but you gave me a reason when I needed it the most to still be here and for that I’m grateful.

You gave me a different kind of love when I lost all hope, unconditional, forgiving and pure that only someone who opens their home and their heart to an animal such as you will be able to feel.

I will forever and always miss you, the thought of you continues to bring a tear to my eye today. You made me the person I am and I will honour your memory always by not letting the world defeat me and to see the good in the darkest of times.

You were taken too soon at 13, I’ve never been so sorry for not keeping my promise to you (couldn’t take away the cancer), but I know you’re not in pain anymore.

I love you my best friend,

Oggy 24/04/2019

Always your mum Vicky


Some additional background to this tribute: Vicky was only 8 years old when she saved Oggy’s life. Oggy and his sister Pip were about 4 weeks old when they were found under a shed on their own. After being rescued, and while being driven to the vets, Oggy stopped breathing. Vicky then administered CPR which saved him.

Felines 1st would like to thank the Vicky for her kind donation in memory of her best friend Oggy. This donation will be used directly for the welfare of cats in our care, and hopefully enable them to find a home where they too can become best friends like Oggy became to Vicky.

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