Meet Milo. This cheeky little chap came into Felines 1st as a stray but he definitely knows home is where the heart is. He loves playing with anything he came get his paws on, has a great appetite and loves snuggling up in the warmest places in the house. He gets on really well with other cats and will tolerate children but would probably prefer to live with older children rather than really tiny ones. Could this characterful kitty be your new love?

3 thoughts on “Milo

  1. Rebecca Hailey says:

    We are looking for a kitten to join our family. We have a 13 year old cat, a dog and a 10 (fairly sensible) year old child!

  2. Annabelle Mather says:


    We are looking to adopt and give a cat or 2 a loving home. We have a garden and cat flap. We would love a kitten.

    Have sent you an email. With the form attached.

    Best wishes


    Best wishes

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