Kitty has been rehomed with Pip and Tabs!


Kitty is a beautiful older cat who loves to play with a snake on a stick toy.  She is very friendly.  She loves to be picked up and cuddled on your shoulder.  She is looking for a home with her friends, Pip and Tabs.

2 thoughts on “Kitty has been rehomed with Pip and Tabs!

  1. Sharon says:

    Good afternoon

    My name is Sharon and I’ve just filled out one of your adoption forms online.
    Is Kitty still available and if so can she live with other cats as I have a very friendly make cat who I rescued from cats protection 3 years ago,

    We are in Ifield Crawley

    Many thanks

    1. Web Admin
      Web Admin says:

      Hi Sharon, thanks for your interest in Kitty. As far as I am aware she is still available. I have asked our homing officer to get in touch with you.

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