Jilly has gone to her forever home!


Jilly is a young playful go-anywhere kitten. She will happily share a home with children of any age and any existing cats or dogs. She loves to play and run with a toy mouse in her mouth as well as cuddle up on the sofa for an afternoon siesta. Jilly has the infamous “Cavendale thumbs” which makes her extra-special; on top of already being utterly adorable. She will need a home in a safe location for when she’s old enough to start venturing outside in a few months, but that’s the only caveat to her adoption. Do you have a vacancy in your home for this gorgeous lucky black cat? Could Jilly be the one to fill it?

8 thoughts on “Jilly has gone to her forever home!

  1. Meriel Kuenssberg says:

    Hiya – I’ve just seen Jilly here on your website, lovely photo. Vicky was in touch with me on Friday evening about meeting her (I emailed back a form), looking forward to this soon.
    All the best,

  2. Meriel Kuenssberg says:

    Hiya – sorry to trouble you but I haven’t been able to reach anyone since I was told about Jilly on Friday evening. I know you’re all volunteers and totally understand how busy you must be so this isn’t a nag, just me in search of reassurance that Jilly is still available and we’ll be able to meet her and find out more soon. I’m not having much luck with emails so I wonder if there is a telephone number I can ring (I couldn’t find one on your website) please?
    Many thanks, and very best wishes,

    1. Web Admin
      Web Admin says:

      Hi Toni, Jilly does have a family who are likely to adopt her, but I will let our volunteer homing officer know that you’re interested in case this doesn’t work out.

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