Jango has gone to his new home!


Jango is a lively and friendly fun-loving young boy who enjoys his food and loves a game. He is on special food and tablets to manage a medical condition, but this doesn’t stop him living life to the full!  He would be best suited to an adult-only home.  Are you able to provide this for this beautiful boy?



11 thoughts on “Jango has gone to his new home!

  1. Anna Doyle says:

    black cats are such amazing cats.
    do you rehome to Portsmouth? or just to sussex?

    was looking to see what your fees are but couldn’t find anything.

    1. Web Admin
      Web Admin says:

      Hi Anna, yes black cats are so beautiful.

      Normally we would rehome to Portsmouth but at the moment we are following strict COVID-19 guidelines which restricts us to a 20 mile radius. This may change in time.

      Our rehoming fee is £75 per cat.

  2. Anna Doyle says:

    Here’s hoping that the measures ease in the near future.
    Black cats are my favourite colour cats. They so often get overlooked by people.

  3. Sarah Chaaban says:

    Hi – we have just filled out a homing form and sent it off to you. Hoping you’ll consider us 🙂

    1. Web Admin
      Web Admin says:

      Hi Jessica, Jango is 1 year 3 months old. We have had a lot of interest in all of our cats recently so I’m not sure whether Jango is still available; however, please do complete a homing form and email this to homing@felines1st.org and someone will contact you to discuss which of the cats in our care are still available for adoption.

  4. Isobelle Lewis says:

    Hi we’ve fallen in love with Jango too, he’s gorgeous. I have emailed my interest but where do I find an adoption form?

    1. Web Admin
      Web Admin says:

      Hi Isobelle, thanks for your interest in Jango – we have received your homing application form. We have received a lot of emails and applications for adopting recently, so we appreciate your patience as we work through these – we need to give priority to people in order of enquiries received. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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