Heather has been rehomed with Judith!


A Pound for a Puss-Cats Pegs

Dear Reader, here we have Heather, a sweet little black and white, a poor neglected street stray, then a single Mum, who, against the odds survived the cold nights, the cold indifference of the World, and worked hard to bring up her kitten Judith, finding shelter in a greenhouse, holding on, on to enough life for her little one, until the day that finally, somebody cared enough to notice, and cared enough to call in us, at Felines 1st, bringing them in from the cold and wet, just in the nick of time…

It’s tough on the street, and that takes its toll – Heather is only four, but the hard life ‘out there’ hits and hits hard. After bravely giving so much, Heather’s poor life left her ill, thin, and to make things even worse, her teeth became badly decayed and as you can imagine – if you’ve ever had toothache – agonising. Her teeth have to be removed as a priority, to save her health, if not her life, and give her a chance to live pain free… probably for the first time in many, many months.

We are a small independent charity, funded by the kindness of those that care, supported by those that find that little bit ‘extra’, by those who don’t look away, and whilst we truly do all we can with all we have, good medical help isn’t the cheapest, so we ask, can you, kind reader, spare just a little, to give such a lot, to make a real difference, to help Heather’s new start in life?

Every penny, or even every pound, will make all the difference, and you will not only feel good about it, but you will know you have helped in a very special way. Ways you can donate to Felines 1st are given here.  Thank you for your kindness.

As soon as Heather has had her operation and recovered fully, she will be available for rehoming with her nine month old kitten, Judith.

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