Dennis(Real Name GT)

Dennis was brought to us by a member of the public concerned that he had been abandoned on the 23 April 2024.

Although we are currently full one of our amazing volunteers opened her home to Dennis to enable him to recharge his batteries whist we sought to find his owner.

As part of being in the care of Felines 1st, Dennis took  a visit to our amazing vets, where it came to light that the phone number attached to his microchip was out of date. Fortunately after 24 hours we were contacted by the owner of Dennis (real name GT) seeking support to find their missing cat.

We are pleased to be able to confirm that GT and his humans have been reunited with all parties pleased with the outcome.

Please Please Please ensure you keep your details up to date on your pet’s microchips even if your pet doesn’t roam far or even leave the property, this will help a reunion take place as quickly as possible.