Fritz 12-08-2020


Fritz came into care as an un-neutered feral. He was in a lot of pain from his mouth. Felines 1st arranged for him to be neutered. He also had a much needed dental!

When he came to me, Fritz was a big ball of fluff cowering in the back of the pen. I knew I would have to take things slowly, but there was something about him! Within a couple of days he came out of hiding. He would eat close by me.

One morning he slipped through my legs, out of the pen and into the safety corridor. He was still very nervous, but showing signs that he wanted a fuss. He just sat there looking at me! I picked him up unsure of the reaction I would get. To my amazement, he melted in my arms.

From that moment on, he climbed on my lap at every opportunity he could get! He would roll over so I could brush his tummy. Very quickly we became best friends! Once the trust was there Fritz became friendly with everyone. Anyone that came to meet him fell in love with him immediately. Fritz loved company and adored a fuss! He just couldn’t get enough!

It wasn’t too long before a lovely lady came to meet him. She wanted to give him his forever home. She was smitten! Just days before he was due to go to his new home, I noticed something wasn’t right. He was still very loving, even more so. We’d had a very hot spell. The temperature in the pen was nearing 32°C. I decided to bring him indoors.

Fritz spent the next couple of days inside with me. He lay by my side at every opportunity. One morning he gazed into my eyes, he was telling me something. I immediately took him to the vet.

Due to the Covid pandemic I wasn’t allowed in with him. I waited for what seemed like hours! Finally I was given the worst news ever. Fritz’s abdomen was filled with fluid. His bloods came back abnormal. The vet explained it was one of two things, FIP (an incurable disease in cats which can only be confirmed in an autopsy) or a tumour on the kidneys/liver. Either way the prognosis was bad. My poor Fritz wasn’t going to make it!

A million thoughts go through your mind. All I wanted to do was to grab him and take him home. This is the worst part of fostering. I had bonded with Fritz so much! I knew deep down I had to do what was best for him. He wasn’t going to get better. He would most definitely suffer. Fritz was put to sleep. I am heartbroken. I miss him so much!

I am so grateful that I got to meet and love such an amazing boy. In his last few weeks he had a life filled with love, affection and kindness. He knew and experienced love. He received it and gave it back unconditionally. If Fritz hadn’t been rescued, he would most definitely have died from his illness alone and unloved.

RIP my lovely boy. You will always be in my heart!


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