Farm Cats


Could you offer a rural home for a working farm cat? These cats have been vet checked and are microchipped and neutered. Daily food and suitable shelter are required in return for mousing duties (cat in photo not available for adoption).

4 thoughts on “Farm Cats

  1. Sue Mortimer says:

    We have had several feral cats in the garden for over 10 years, but am now reduced to 2, one of whom is now quite an elderly gentleman. I am concerned that when the time arrives when he departs, his female companion (c. 4 years old) will find living alone a problem. So I am making enquiries now about the possibility of acquiring at least 2 more ferals in the New Year. We live in a semi-rural area adjoining fields (with rabbits!) and the garden is large, at least an acre, with a shed for the cats with a cat flap, where they eat and sleep when not patrolling for rodents. It is a wildlife garden (in other words, not immaculately tidy) with hedges, a small woodland brambles and lots of cover for hunting cats. In my experience feral cats do not normally have problems accepting new arrivals, as they are used to colony life. I hope you may be able to help us.

  2. Ella L says:

    I live on a rural working farm village and am looking to home a cat, do you have any we could meet?

    Thank you

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