Bryn has found his forever home!


Beautiful Bryn is a little shy on first meeting, but quickly relaxes and enjoys a fuss.  He is FIV positive, so will need to be an indoor-only cat.

4 thoughts on “Bryn has found his forever home!

  1. Douglas Bateman says:

    May I convey my thanks to you for taking Bryn into your care, He appeared in my garden sometime in April and quickly made himself at home there.
    After a few weeks, I made him a shelter, started feeding him and was given invaluable advice by my friend Hazel, which included calling him by a name and making purring noises, hence the name Bryn, after the great singer I so often enjoyed hearing at Covent Garden.
    Whatever my efforts to befriend him, he was always rather stand-offish, which led me to guess that he had run away from an uncaring owner who had given him a hard time, and thought that that all people were like this.
    I have never owned a pet and without Hazel’s help I’m sure I would have stood no chance of trapping , and getting him to safety,
    Sad to hear that the virus will not permit him the freedom most cats enjoy, but I am confident that you will find him a loving and caring owner who will help him adapt to his future.
    Kind Regards,
    Douglas Bateman,

    1. Web Admin
      Web Admin says:

      Hi Doug, thank you for your kind words, but more importantly for looking out for Bryn and caring for him until we could take him in. Bryn does need to be kept as an indoor only cat as he is FIV positive; firstly, to protect him from being exposed to and getting sick from illnesses that he could catch when interacting with other cats outdoors – as his immune system is compromised, and secondly, to protect other cats from getting the FIV virus from him – if he gets into a fight and bites other cats. We will ensure that he goes to a home where he will get lots of love and attention and play indoors, so hopefully he will not miss the outdoors too much.

  2. Dani says:

    Oh Bryn is absolutely gorgeous 😍

    Would Bryn be OK with a 10 year old? Or better without children? We are currently living in a first floor flat so I am desperately looking for a cat that is indoor

    1. Web Admin
      Web Admin says:

      Hi Dani, Bryn has just been reserved. I see you have registered your details with us. Our volunteer homing officer should be in touch with you soon. If you would like to be put on a waiting list for any other cats that are best as indoor-only, please let us know.

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