Cats and kittens, even though small, can sometimes make a huge impact on our lives. Bronte is one such example.

Bronte was affectionately known as Little B because she was always so tiny. She started her life as a rescue kitten and almost certainly would not have survived if the Vicker’s family hadn’t found her and shared their home with her for the last 15 years.

Little B had a heart condition that nearly killed her when she was six years old, but good vet care, a loving home and her tenacious personality meant she thrived for another ten years. She was mummy to four gorgeous kittens,  two of whom she lived with until she died.

“For a little cat she had a big impact on our lives and we miss her terribly.” –  The Vickers Family

Felines 1st would like to thank the Vickers Family for their kind donation in memory of their precious Bronte. This donation will be used directly for the welfare of the very needy cats in our care.

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