Brandy 25-10-2019


Brandy, a sweet fourteen year old tortie, came into care with a very bad ear infection.  Ear infections had been troubling her on and off for a couple of years.  These had been a result of a large polyp deep in her ear canal which could not be removed surgically as it was too close to important nerves and blood vessels.  She had been on steroids to control her ear infections, but they were no longer effective, and long-term steroid use is not recommended as organ damage can result.  She was also almost completely deaf as a result of the repeated infections.

When she came to Felines 1st, she was treated with a strong and long-lasting antibiotic. At first this treatment provided her with a little relief, but sadly the infection did not clear, and we could not stop her from scratching as her ears continued to worry her. It was too difficult to administer ear drops because of the way her ear had been damaged from past scratching.  As there was no way to provide her with relief, we made the very difficult decision to put her to sleep.

We only fostered Brandy for two weeks, yet in that time she found a special place in our hearts, which broke when we let her go, yet we couldn’t allow her suffering to continue.  She was one of the most affectionate and cuddly cats we have looked after, she just loved being held. We will never forget her. Rest in peace sweet girl.

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