A wonderful update about Bo and Duke (after a dramatic rescue several months previously)

Bo & Duke

You may remember these two…

Several months ago, we had a pair of sibling kittens that were looking for a home named Bo and her brother Duke. These two kittens had fallen into very hard times and you may have heard about the story from the  Spotted Crawley Facebook group. Here is an extract from that Facebook post at the time:

“Hey, need a message put out there if possible please?

My mum has a tenant in her house who has been staying for 9 months and does has never paid rent. Long story short, I went round today and managed to gain access to his room as I am in the process of kicking him out of her house and I discovered (in amongst the piles of dirt and crap everywhere) two incredibly tiny and malnourished black kittens no more than 8 weeks old that he has locked in the room all day every day. I tried calling the RSPCA and cats protection to see if they could come pick them up and take them somewhere safe but as its Sunday I had no joy. I’m very concerned about leaving them where they are until the morning especially when he returns home, they are in terrible condition. Is there anyone who can help or anyone that has any advice?”

What happened next:

Fortunately someone contacted Felines 1st to help rescue them from a life threatening situation.  These kittens were so malnourished that if they had not been rescued, they would not have survived much longer. After veterinary care, and many weeks of 24 hour feeding and care, these kittens recovered to a point where we could look out for a new home for them.

We were very keen to rehome them together as these two lovely black kittens had known each other from birth and were best mates through the toughest of times. Fortunately the ideal family came along and were offer them a home together!

Even though after rehoming cats or kittens, we get to see them at least once during the follow-up home visit as per our adoption procedure, that may be the last time we get to hear about them. However as volunteers, it is so heart-warming to receive news about how they are settling in, months or even years later. We were therefore delighted to get this update from Bo and Duke’s new owners last week along with some photos to show them clearly well loved and settled into their new home:

Update from the new owners:

“Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how Bo and Duke are getting on. As you can see from the pictures they are settling in very well, there isn’t much of the house left that they haven’t investigated! They are certainly energetic and have loved racing around the house chasing each other and playing. We can see their personalities coming out more too, Duke is super crazy and likes to be centre of attention for everything! Bo is much calmer and happy to watch but she gets her fair share of cuddles and attention.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to adopt Bo and Duke who are now very much part of our family!”



As volunteers at Felines 1st, we would like to thank all of the families that have given new lives to cats that were once in our care. Without you, we can only speculate what the future of these wonderful but unfortunate creatures would have been.

If you are interested in changing the life of a cat or kitten, please visit our Rehome page, or send us a homing form with your details indicating your interest.



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