Update on the special appeal for Ace

We are delighted to report that Ace has had his dental, and has been adopted by his fosterer.  A happy ending for this beautiful boy.  A big thank you to everyone who helped Felines 1st get Ace back on his feet and into a loving home.


Ace’s story – November 2019:

Recently several cats that have been badly let down by life or their previous owners have come into our care.  Some of these urgently needed vet treatment due to their poor condition.  We always provide this kind of help for them but frankly, it’s expensive.  We therefore need your kind help do the right thing for them.

So here is Ace, a beautiful British Blue that came into the charity in April. He came in as a long term stray in poor condition.  Our team and our vets worked hard to improve his condition and quality of life, but he is still in need of a complete dental.  Anyone who has had toothache will know how painful it is!  We would love to get this boy’s teeth permanently sorted out before Christmas – it would be his perfect present!  He will remain in foster care until he is fit to be rehomed.

Can you help us in the form of a donation this Christmas?  You can rest assured that your kindness and donations will really and truly make a huge difference to Ace, and other cats like him that come into our care.  Please, give what you can – every penny will make a real difference!

Thank you very much, from all of us at Felines 1st.

At Felines 1st we strive to give every cat the best possible life.  Felines 1st are only able to care for cats and kittens because of the generosity of our local community and so we want to say thank you for all the support you have given us.  Please remember that Felines 1st is entirely staffed by volunteers. This means that aside from the minimal admin running costs of the charity that we incur, all other donated funds received go directly to the welfare of cats in our care.

As a priority, any donations received from this appeal will go to cover the cost of Ace’s surgery.  Anything raised above these costs will go directly to caring for other cats and kittens being looked after by Felines 1st.  To donate towards this appeal please email us at: supporters@felines1st.org